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Veuem Review {2023} Read Customer Reviews!

Are you looking for the latest information about the Veuem webshop? Then you are exactly right with us. All information about this page can be found here. Let’s take a look at the facts in our Mypassioncharm/Veuem review and see if it’s a scam or a legit company.

Website Highlights

Domain name – Veuem.com
The site is called My Fashion Charm.
WHOIS registration date: 09-12-2022
Domain registrar GoDaddy.com LLC
phone number
Company, office, shop or warehouse address:
Products available on the site: no
Products on the website: Movable Eye Toys, Magfold, 3-in-1 MagSafe Universal Portable Wireless Travel Charger for iPhone 13, Apple Watch and AirPods.

What is Veuem.com?

This online store claims to sell the various products listed above. There are many things you should know before shopping online.

Veuem/Mypassioncharm is classified as an untrustworthy site for the following reasons.

Various titles and websites:

domain name, i. H. Veuem.com, differs from the name of the site. My Fashion Charm is different from legitimate websites. It used the same website name as the domain name on the policy page. This is usually due to copy and paste errors.


There is no business address or phone number on the website. This information always comes from legitimate companies based on our research. This site is clearly trying to hide information. We do not buy online from non-professional websites.

special discounts and sales

Veuem offers many discounted products. Scam sites often offer these discounts to trick people into cheating.

copy content

The Veuem website has a lot of content, including a website theme that fits with many themes on the website. The About Us page lists many of the same issues as website problems and scams.

Delivery and customer complaints

According to the complaints from buyers of such online stores, the delivery times, customer support and customer service are not very good.

Our final verdict:

All this shows that Veuem/Mypassioncharm is a very suspicious site.

List of suspicious websites > Click here. Or scroll down to the Scams category for information on the different types of scams. > Click here to view our website.

Below you can write your opinion about the company. You can also tell them about this online store by sharing this review with your family and friends through your social media accounts.

Many online stores claim huge discounts on many products but most of them are scams. Avoid these online stores or research the information before buying. Most of these online stores do not provide any products to their customers or offer low quality or unreliable products. Fraudulent online shops can charge customers’ credit cards without permission. If a fraudulent website has incorrectly charged your account, notify your bank or credit union immediately to protect your credit card information.

Annotation. These sites change the site name and all content from time to time. The overview above is based on website information as of the date indicated. If you see more content than listed in this review, the online store may have changed the content. It is important

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