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UpVoice Review {Update} Can You Earn? Check Here!

Welcome to my UpVoice review!

UpVoice claims that you can earn over $75 a year by using YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Tweeter.

All you need to do is install the UpVoice browser extension and visit at least one participating website per day.

In return, they promise to give you tokens that you can exchange for various eGift cards.

Now you’re probably wondering…

Is UpVoice legal and safe to use? What personal data do you collect? Does UpVoice pay?

I made this review to answer all your questions and give my honest opinion.

A brief description of UpVoice

Title: upvoice
Website: https://www.joinupvoice.com/
Company: BrandTotal
Membership eligibility: US (18+)
Price: Sign up for free
Submitted? Yes
Overall rating: 4/5

What is UpVoice about?

UpVoice is an innovative user panel developed by research agency BrandTotal.

The company collects valuable information from Internet users to help major brands improve their advertising campaigns.

However, unlike traditional survey sites, UpVoice panelists only need to install a browser extension and visit one of the following websites:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • tweeter

As you probably know, big companies are constantly collecting your data for free as you browse the web.

UpVoice gives you the opportunity to get rewarded for sharing the same kind of information.

The amount of money you can earn as an active member will not change your life. The biggest advantage, however, is that you don’t have to do anything yourself.

In other words, the company gives you the opportunity to earn passive income.

UpVoice is very similar to MobileXpression. The main difference is that MobileXpression only works on mobile devices.

In the future, UpVoice will release a mobile app that will allow users to share data from phones and tablets.

Is UpVoice a scam?

I am always hesitant to install browsers and data collection software on my computer for money.

This is because we have no control over the data these companies collect.

Also, many market research firms mislabel member accounts as an excuse for refusing to pay.

There are a lot of positive reviews on Reddit and everyone seems to be trading in their tokens for a $10 Amazon eGift Card.

The Company is committed to anonymizing and aggregating all information received from you.

So I am in good hands when it comes to data protection.

How are you rewarded?

Once you sign up, the company will provide you with a link to download the UpVoice extension.

Every day you get 10 tokens by performing the necessary actions. Enough to go once a day!

With this extension you can only earn 10 tokens per day.

You can also earn more tokens by participating in online surveys and other activities

UpVoice pros and cons


  • Earn passive income.
  • Earn 300 tokens as a sign up bonus.
  • The company respects the privacy policy.
  • Your data is collected anonymously.


  • UpVoice may not always be open to new applicants.
  • Currently only available to US residents.
  • It only works for Chrome and Brave browsers.
  • No PayPal payments yet.


UpVoice is a legit data collection platform that helps you earn passive income online.

Many people report that once they hit 600 tokens, they cashed out without any issues.

UpVoice is currently only available to US residents, but they plan to expand it to other countries in the future.

I’ll keep you informed!

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