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The working principle of magnetic Effluent meters and what are they?

What is a flow meter?

A flow meter is a pressure-sensing or sensing device that uses electrodes connected to a water flow to measure the velocity of water in a pipe or tube. Thanks to the special design, you can hold the boards without any movement. Thanks to this unique design, you can weigh a lot of weight without fear of fat or fat.

The conductivity measured by magnetic tubes is three micrometers or more. Faraday’s law is used to measure the height and speed of a wave, which requires more particles to act on the shot. It depends on the manufacturer, what needs to be processed, but usually it is between 3 and 10 microns, some manufacturers have higher requirements.

Temperature, pressure, fluid viscosity and fluid volume do not affect the stability and accuracy of flow measurements. Measure easily and accurately.

Meter, current meter and current flow meter are common terms used by engineers; However, Magmeters are quite common.

What are the functions of magnetic systems?

It measures and increases the water flow by removing the magnet. As the flow rate increases, the voltage driving the meter signal increases. A flow meter measures the amount or speed of water flowing through a pipe or water system.

As defined by Faraday’s formula, the magnetic stress index (E) is calculated as a function of (k) the velocity of the fluid, the magnetic field and the distance between the electrodes. To use this function, it must have an electrical outlet.

When the particle moves at a 90° angle to the magnet, an electromagnetic field (EMF) is created. When a motor is placed on a magnet, it produces electricity.

Magnetic field coils.

Two rods are placed in the magnetic flow meter, which magnetizes the measuring tube. The current level is determined by electrodes placed directly at the end of the pipe or tube. Between the cooling water and the steel body of the installation machine, a panel is provided to prevent short contacts.

Preventive measures

Since there is no electric field between the electrodes, the current is distributed uniformly in the absence of a pipe or tube. During the flow, the magnet separates the positive and negative phases, holding the particles that were not used at the beginning of the flow to one side of the tube. Electrons detect electrical impulses generated by living matter. It’s time for the cars to show off their makeover.


In a magnetic sensor, the strength of the magnet and the distance between the electrodes are used to measure the current in the tube. Liquids, polymers, surfactants and chemicals are measured using meter readings and data to determine flow.

With the application of electricity, electricity is supplied to a transmitter, which converts information from current to measurement. Depending on the speed and section of the pipes, the volumetric flow rate can be calculated and expressed in meters.

Magnetic flow meter components

One of the great advantages of magnetic heaters is that they are easy to use. They have two basic options, one to connect to the pipeline and the other to collect readings. As shown in the image below, the device is connected to the pipe and the transmitter is mounted on it.

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