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Solo Max-level Newbie Manga, Latest Chapter 32

This article is a must-read for manga maniacs, especially for those who want to know the latest information about Solo Max Level 32 Rookie.
If you’re interested in news from the world of manga, you’ve come to the right place. Most people think of manga as Japanese novels, but the term has a much broader meaning. Manga are sometimes referred to as graphic novels and can be found in many different languages.
Considering the popularity of manga around the world, you can be sure that many people will be interested in the latest updates. So we bring you an article about Solo Max rookie level 32.

abstract caricature

This particular manga belongs to the fantasy genre. This is the story of a professional player of the game Tower of Ordeals. This player is the protagonist of this story and his name is Jin Hyuk. The story revolves around the adventures of this character. Jinhyuk usually walks people through the game through his Nutube channel.

A type of digital medium in manga.

He was so popular in this milieu that he earned his bread and butter with this work. However, as we learned during our investigation of Solo Max Level Beginner Chapter 32, the game’s popularity suddenly dropped and Jinhyuk lost his job. When he changed jobs and started thinking about quitting gambling, suddenly everyone switched to the same game.

game rules

The rules of the game are that the level must be completed in 3 months. Otherwise all of humanity will perish. Jinhyuk was the only one to finish the game, so he knew every level. By doing so, he becomes the most efficient survivor of this new world and begins helping people survive in exchange for certain benefits.

Entry-level Max Solo 32 specifications

• First appearance: July 30, 2021
• Unknown author
• Genres: Fantasy, Action
• Origin: South Korea
• Current state
• Alias: I’m new to Top Ranker

Latest chapter updates

Before we can discuss the latest chapter of this popular manga, we need to know what happened before. In Chapter 31 of the manga, the last published chapter, we learn that there is a tournament between the players.
However, the main character does not participate. Instead, his former rival named Jung Yoo-sung won the competition.
As a reward for his victory, Yoosung challenged Jinhyuk. In Chapter 32 of Solo Max Level Beginner we see what will be the result of this challenge. Chapters are updated every 7 days, so expect Chapter 32 on January 29th.
Learn more about Solo Max level beginners here.


Given the manga’s popularity, it’s clear that fans are eagerly awaiting Chapter 32 as the story has reached a very exciting stage.
I think the future of manga will be even brighter as time goes on. If you’re a regular Solo Max-Level Newbie 32 reader, please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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