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SafeWolf price today, SW to USD live, Chart & News

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast? Looking for a new high-yield crypto token to invest in?
People all over the world are starting to invest more in cryptocurrencies as they bring much higher returns.
Please read this article carefully as cryptocurrencies have market risks and you should understand all the details before investing.


SafeWolf is one of the few cryptocurrencies with multiple features per transaction. SAFEWOLF brings the most innovative methods into the BSC network. Safewolf has developed a unique anti-download mechanism that ensures that the value of the cryptocurrency is always increasing.
Recently the price of SAFEWOLF has skyrocketed. The Safewolf token contract address is 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e. Crypto experts are predicting a repeat of the previously observed token price surge.

About the founder of SafeWolf Token.

SAFEWOLF is an initiative of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community. This means that the crypto token does not belong to any specific person or company. SAFEWOLF is a deflationary cipher designed to reward private owners who are forced to shut down.

Safewolf token price chart and supply statistics

• The current market price of to the token is $0.000000145644 for SAFEWOLF.
• Safewolf’s current is estimated at $95,811.
• As mentioned above, the Safewolf token contract address is 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e.
• Total cryptocurrency supply is 1,000,000,000,000 SAFEWOLF.
• Total initial consumption: 300,000,000,000.
• The total liquidity of SAFEWOLF would be approximately 345,000,000,000.

How to buy Safewolf tokens

1. First, you must migrate Trust Wallet from a smartphone app and MetaMask and Crypto Wallet extension.
2. Buy BNB or BSC digital currencies on exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.
3. Withdraw the Binance token in Trust Wallet. Then open Trust Wallet, open Smart Chain, and click Accept.
4. Copy the wallet address, reopen Binance and paste the copied address into the recipient’s BNB address (not the Safewolf token contract address). Click Binance Smart Chain to transfer to Trust Wallet.
5. In the Trust Wallet app, click Redeem Pancakes. Token pricing is intriguing but accurate. Transfer the amount required for the conversion from BNB to SAFEWOLF.
6. Paste 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e in the currency field.
7. Finally click on Exchange.

frequently asked Questions

• What is the historical record of SAFEWOLF?
Answer: SAFEWOLF’s all-time high is $0.0000001700.
• How many tokens are kept in BNB?
ANS – BNB Token Holdings – 148.19 BNB (equivalent to $54,350).


Today we look at approximately 1 unique crypto token and Safewolf token contract address. We also cover all features and specifications.

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