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Pop Diamonds App Review {Update} Does it Pay or Not?

Welcome to the Pop Jewels application survey!

In the present article, I might want to discuss one more riddle game that has been discussed a great deal as of late.

The maker says you can spend upwards of $1,000 on your telephone bill.

It recommends that you can bring in cash through PayPal, however it’s extremely unusual in light of the fact that PayPal requests a telephone number rather than an email address.

This isn’t the way individuals bring in cash on well known stages. What’s going on? Are Pop Precious stones Counterfeit? Is it worth the effort?

Look at the Pop Diamonds application

Complete Name: Pop Diamonds (introductory use)
Creator: davidliuppp
Advancement: Around the world
Generally speaking Rating: 1/5

What are Pop Pearls?

Pop Jewels is a question and answer contest where you choose to obliterate gatherings of tickers of a similar variety.
The objective is to annihilate whatever number gems as could be expected under the circumstances to finish the level.

During the game, you will get a virtual PayPal or Amazon card with substantial cash. I’m talking many dollars!

Pop Jewels says you can get your cash back in 24 hours.

How really do Pop Diamonds function?

Pop Precious stones is allowed to introduce from the Play Store in all nations. This game is free however contains in-application buys.

Players can join celebrity Fortunate Spaces for $9.99 and get much more rewards.

Until you read this post as far as possible, we suggest that you don’t spend your well deserved cash on this movement.

How to play Pop Diamonds?

You can score focuses by tapping different 3D squares of a similar variety to obliterate them. Raise a ruckus around town to finish the level.

It’s easy from the beginning, yet generally you might require one of these instruments:

Hammer: Select blocks to obliterate.
Brush: Select the block you need to change the shade of.
Sidestep: Fix existing impeded destinations.
Shooting star: Obliterates 5 arbitrary blocks.
As I said, when you eliminate a block, you get virtual dollars.

They show you your PayPal or Amazon card and welcome you to watch a video to bring in cash.

Assuming you watch the video as far as possible, the cash will be added to your PayPal or Amazon balance.

At the point when you complete a level, you could try and get a few incredibly cool prizes. Open 4 cartons and watch the video to win more awards.

Are Pop Precious stones lawful? Could that be essential?

No, you won’t bring in any cash and we’ll provide you with the specific arrangement of disappointment.

Installment will be held for 24 hours after installment has been finished. Notwithstanding, you should watch 30 recordings before you can arrange an Amazon card.

For PayPal installments, it is said that you can decrease your survey time to 30 minutes by running promotions.

In any case, do you have any idea about what happens when you meet every one of the prerequisites? They will make a novel, new thing!

Presently I need to watch 59 additional recordings before it works. This doesn’t exactly make a difference. Here is the aide.

Pop Jewels is like most games involving genuine cash as lure.


It’s difficult to bring in genuine cash on Pops Jewels since it doesn’t request an email address like PayPal does.

Designers believe players should trust that assuming they observe an adequate number of recordings, they will burn through cash.

Notwithstanding, this is a savvy method for getting more cash through greater exposure.

I figure individuals ought to be more cautious about how to bring in income sans work on the web.

The vast majority of these applications and sites are only for comfort to individuals who use them, particularly the people who need to take care of obligation and bring in cash.

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