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No City Is Eternal Not Even An Gotham Riddle Answer is VERITAS.

This article says that no city, not even Gotham, lasts forever. The empire crumbles, but the words are still true.
Who doesn’t like solving puzzles? The wonderful moments of brainstorming and guessing the correct answer from the various clues are truly mesmerizing. However, what I’m going to tell you in this article is a mystery that surprised many Batman fans around the world after seeing it in the post-credits scene.
Are you a Batman fan too and have you seen the latest version of the movie? Can you guess the answer to this riddle: No city, not even Gotham, lasts forever. Read the article for the answer.

Puzzle overview

So, before we start looking for the answer to the riddle, let’s explain the riddle itself to the reader first. Also, for those who haven’t seen the movie yet and are still wondering what the line is about, here’s the synopsis.
The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson received universal acclaim. However, the point of contention is the movie credits riddle that also contains the URL.
The next section reveals that there are no permanent cities. Not even Gotham. The empire has fallen, but the words are still true.

everything on the site

Next to the puzzle in the post-credits scene is his URL at ratalada.com. First of all, Rataalada is one of the companies that sell the most movies with puzzles. They post many puzzles here and ask visitors to solve them and open Easter eggs.

However, this particular puzzle turned out to be more complicated than the others. Also similar to the riddles police and batman got from criminals while trying to commit a crime.

Even Gotham, a fallen empire, has no eternal city save the word

It always sounds right: the answer

Ratwing was involved in all of the film’s promotion and marketing. Among them, the site provides a platform for Batman his fans around the world to visit the site and check their movie skills and knowledge. Additionally, various puzzles will be posted on the site that Batman fans can solve to earn Easter Eggs.

However, this particular riddle has visitors scratching their heads trying to find the answer. That’s why we’ve made it easy to create a No City Is Eternal solution. Not even Gotham. The empire has fallen, but the words are still true. what is truth
Also note that veritas means truth.


The latest Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson has won a lot of love and fans. The puzzle gimmick turned out to be a great platform for promoting the film. However, this requires you to be an avid Batman fan and enjoy a few brainstorming sessions with him to narrow down the answer.
We hope this article has given you enough information to answer No City Is Eternal Even Gotham An Empire Falls, but the saying is still true.
Want to know more? So, to learn more about the answers and what they mean, read here.
Did you answer correctly? Share your opinions & experiences in the comments below.

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