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Magic Metaverse coin Price, Charts, and News & How To Buy?

This article describes the Apple Metaverse Coin scam project that accepts money from people on behalf of Apple.
Did you know that Apple released Metaverse tokens for pre-sale? You will know if it is legit or a scam and everything related to it.
Cryptocurrencies have attracted the attention of millions of investors around the world. Because of this, many cryptocurrency projects scam people to make money. However, as an investor, you should avoid participating in fraudulent schemes.
Let’s talk more about the Apple Metaverse Coin in this article.

What is Apple’s Metaverse?

It’s a virtual reality project created using a very well-known technology – Web 3.0. Participate in land auctions, build and share land in the metaverse, create 3D content and upload content of your choice.
But what is it? Is the Metaverse legal? So far, the scope of this metaverse seems to be very limited and there is no way for Apple to produce this metaverse and Apple Metaverse Coin. We know the hype behind the Facebook metaverse (now meta).
If Apple had created the Metaverse, we would have known about it much sooner.

Founder of Apple’s Metaverse

Let’s see what the founders of this metaverse offer on the Internet under the name Apple. These names are:
• Tim Cook – Founder.
• Giovanni Giannandrea – Cornell Technology.
• Craig Federighi – CEO of Corning.
• Stella Low – Computer Engineer.
• Lisa Jackson – Executive Director and Lead Blockchain.
The people above are behind this Apple Metaverse coin (as stated on the website) but there is still no difference in what it offers compared to the rest of the Metaverse.

Awards for Apple’s Metaverse

The Apple Metaverse Coin is available for pre-sale on the Metaverse Scam platform. 1 token is worth $1.25. You could buy with BTC, ETH & USDT. However, as I said earlier, this is just a pathetic bogus project that exists only to fool investors.

Should I buy Apple Metaverse Coins?

However, only innocent investors can recognize this project as a scam. If you are a good investor, you should be able to convince yourself that this is a scam at first glance.
These are some of the reasons why this is a sham project.
• Use only the Apple name on all platforms without giving a reason.
• You provide a fake address on the platform.
• There is a large and talented team behind this project, like any other average metaverse.
• The website is also not working and not all tabs are active.
The list of reasons is long, but you get the idea.

frequently asked Questions

Q1 What is the official Apple Metaverse Coin website?
R1. You can enjoy it on our website https://apple.icometaverse.io/
Q2: Is Apple Metaverse a scam?
A3 Yes, this Apple Metaverse is a scam or legit.
Q3: How to avoid a bitcoin scam?
A3. Check out this article for more information on how to spot bitcoin scammers.


This message is only intended to inform you about this scam project and not to promote this token. For more information on cryptocurrency scams, visit this link.
Stay away from new projects. Don’t invest in anything until you’ve thoroughly researched it. What do you know think of this Apple Metaverse? Also, share this Apple Metaverse Coin post to let your friends know about this scam

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