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Jackpot Boom Review {Update} You Make Read $300 After 7 Days

Welcome to our review of Jackpot Boom!

You can find this slot machine simulator that can earn you a decent amount of money just by playing.

Just like in Las Vegas, you get big cash prizes without risking your savings.

The developer advertises Jackpot Boom as an opportunity to earn money through PayPal, Cash App and many other ways.

There are fake apps in the Play Store that steal your time and rating, so you need some answers.

Is the Jackpot Boom legit? Can you really earn PayPal money or will your life be ignored after you have fulfilled all the conditions? Let’s learn!

See Jackpot tree

Name: Jackpot Tree
Manufacturer: juenstr
Available: worldwide
Price: 100% free to play
Minimum payout: $0.10
Total: 1/5

What is Jackpot Boom?

Jackpot Boom is an Android game that simulates a classic five-wheeler.
What makes it so interesting is that players don’t have to make a deposit to spin. So it is 100% risk free!

Why would anyone go to Las Vegas when they can download Jackpot Boom and collect as much money as they want?

Well, there is a good reason for that and you will understand it by the end of this article.

How does JackpotBoom work?

Jackpot Boom is available in all countries and is free.

So you don’t have to risk money to play on land and collect virtual prizes.

When the icons match the winning pattern, you have to press spin and collect virtual money and other items.

The game starts with ten rounds and gives an extra round every 2 minutes. You can also watch the video for a quick refresher.

As the pins land in winning patterns, you collect coins, virtual money and gems that can be exchanged for real money. Then watch the video that fits your reward!

Complete puzzles and win great prizes like MacBook Pro 13, PS5, Samsung Galaxy S20, Rolex watch and more!

Whenever you enter the payment queue, the blue water door fills up.

How do you pay?

First, you can claim your reward by clicking the Money button on the right.

Jackpot Boom offers many ways to withdraw money using coins, gems and virtual currencies.

Once your balance reaches $300, you can use PayPal, Amazon, Money App, Paytm, etc. You can get money through it

You can also earn $300 by collecting 3 million coins and 1 million diamonds.

But the fastest way to get money is to buy an Amazon gift card for $0.10 after you save 20,000 coins.


If you live in the US, chances are Jackpot Boom offers a 10 percent Amazon gift code.

Otherwise you will not be able to receive payment with other payment methods.

A developer cannot afford to pay $300 for every person who spends time and completes the code. Therefore, you do not receive the money after seven days as requested.

The same can be said about the great tools in the Lucky Win section.

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