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Is Senariosa .com Scam Or Legit {Update} Read The Details Here!

I am trying to retrieve information from Senariosa.com. We tried to give you some information about the place. Here is an outline of the script.

This script was known to be suspicious.

  • This online store does not provide contact information and company address. Entities may post this information on their company website. This site tries to hide your knowledge. Searches online for this company are unreliable.
  • The email address “Hazhinleb@gmail.com” may be a free address, but it is not a website.
  • The site has many beneficial discounts. Scam websites often offer discounts to trick people. Sold the following items: An “Angry Rubber Duck” ornament with stacks of unwanted coins. Mechanical Archangel Monkey – Fire bar/whistle, food. A muddy town inspired by national satirical Christmas celebrations. Harry Potter hat decorations and sounds.
  • The site theme and various details are similar to many scam sites. Links to other scam sites and features on US sites.
  • Do not bring social media icons linking to your company’s social media pages. Legitimate online stores may offer social media icons that link to social media pages, groups, or profiles. Social networks do not broadcast.
  • Several online stores complaining about product quality, delivery and customer sales are the same product.


Scripts with the above definition are not supported.

You can write your opinion about the following companies. You can share this review with your family and friends through your social media accounts and get to know our online store.

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