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Is Bioyua .com Scam Or Legit {2022} Full Review!

Want to know more about Bioyua? This is our opinion, Bioyua can provide a solution. Let’s see if Bioyua.com is a scam site or a legit site.

Page highlights

  • The domain name is Bioyua.com
  • Site name Bioyua
  • Email: service@bioyua.com
  • Main company name and address: YINO page Henri DE Turenne 66000 Perpignan France
    Product categories on your site: what’s new and what’s new
  • Products on the site: V5 light blue jeans, snow jeans, V5 gray, V5 blue, V5 blue, entry-
  • level cargo pants, V5 black, men’s hooded jacket, waterproof and premium. – Spin with a frock coat. Grape braided scissors. Thick rack for men. Scooter – Men’s Scooter – Scooter – Llama Animal Skin – Man, Scooter – Man – Man – Man – Man – Man – Man – Man One Leg
  • As stated in your shipping policy: 7-15 business days to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, and 7-21 business days to other countries.

What is Bioyua.com?

This online store claims to sell most of the above products. There are a few things that you should understand before buying from this online store.

contact number:

During the review, YINO’s parent company mentioned it. However, in the future, similar organizations will be able to update their parents’ addresses and names just as they update theirs.

Discounts and special offers

The Brobdingnagian discount website lists many regional products. These scam sites often offer discounts to lure people into their scams.

Copy content

The images in the catalog may not be unique. This indicates that the site is tracking and sharing images from multiple locations, or that it may be selling skins or products.

Having a lot of different website elements creates a lot of website problems, such as content.

Social media icon

No social media icons associated with the social media company page were found. Legitimate online businesses often provide social media icons that link to their social media pages, groups, or photos. You will not leave social networks.

Return and exchange

Since their customers do not trade or exchange many commodities, the Come and Exchange Act is very deceptive. Of course, the customer bears the shipping costs. The original value of the partition is not returned. We have found that this online shop rarely offers an opportunity to win or trade under any circumstances. These online stores have a full refund and/or exchange policy.

Delivery and customer complaints

According to customer complaints from online comparison stores, the delivery time, customer service and after-sales service in this area are not very good.

Our final decision:

All these reasons lead us to the conclusion that Bioyua is also a suspicious site.

Below you can write a review about the company. You can also share this review with your family and friends through the social store accounts to let them know about the online store.

Many online stores offer Brobdingnagian discounts on many products, but most of them are scams. Avoid online shopping or research before you buy. Most online stores do not deliver the purchased items to the customers and do not offer defective or unreliable items. Online scammers can misuse consumers’ credit cards without their consent. If you have been falsely accused by a fraudulent website, report it to your bank or bank account so that Mastercard can investigate your information.

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