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i have a mansion in the apocalypse wiki – Read The Full Here!

A narrative about a manor in a dystopian world

Author: Morning Star LL,晨星LL

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Sort: Activity, Experience, Anime, Manhua, Drama

I have a home in a dystopian world.

After an atomic conflict, ruins spread across the scene of the end of the world.

In the event that you flop in the desert, get ready to confront perpetual craving, steady risks, furious zombies in the evening, and peculiar beasts behind a consistent stream.

For Jiang Chen, this spot was paradise.

Tall pinnacles, extravagance vehicles left in the city, cutting edge items and gold all over the place. See Trendtouch for more data.

That? Is it safe to say that you were leader of a wagering organization before the conflict? Is it safe to say that you are liable for 3D multiplayer VR advancement? That is great, so you don’t work for me. Your compensation is two portions of bread a day.

iphone? Ultra thin plan? Mightn’t you at any point see my telephone is more slender than a glove?

plane carrying warship? Warrior? Goodness, I have some as well, however they’re for space battle.

Watch the tale of Jiang Chen, who can go through reality, witness the formation of a domain that traverses existence…

The most effective method to make a sun in Little Speculative chemistry

My personality has a palace in a dystopian world.

jiang chen

Jiang Chen is the fundamental person in the film I Have a Royal residence in a Dystopian World.

Jiang Chen is an attractive young fellow with a solid and strong body.

As indicated by Xia Shiyun, she looks more gorgeous when she is sure [1]

Jiang Chen is lively, he gets a kick out of the chance to prod his fans. As the story advances, he starts to learn, however he gets a kick out of the chance to irritate his friends and family.

Jiang Chen needed to be a researcher when he was a kid, yet he said that he passed on the greater part of what he realized in school to his educators. what’s more, Xia Shiyu kidded that he was presently the head of the researchers.

was standing


“I love war!”

“Put the wire down!”

Damn those savages around there!

“You will utilize the weapons available to you to spread the NAC banner into the core of the destruction!”

“War” – Jiang Chen


The outcast who gave Oreos to Jiang Chen in Iraq. He then, at that point, returns as his sweetheart/his significant other.

Xia Shiyu

He was Jiang Chen’s previous manager in his office and the chief who was terminated for talking/stunning with Jiang Chen.

A cool, blue-haired excellence who needs to be certain. He lost his employment as supervisor because of miscommunication with his representatives.

Sooner or later, she met Jiang Chen once more, and Jiang Chen saved him from the assortment office, thought that he is jobless, and requested that she come work for him.

He then started to foster affections for Jiang Chen, yet found it hard to control them.

Jiang Chen/Connections


Jiang Jiangruo (father) (name ch. 42)

Li Suemei (mother) (section 42 of the book)

Jiang Lin (grieving melody)

in affection and wedded

Well known sweethearts in the advanced world:

Liu Oha (entertainer)

Aisha (outcast)

Natasha (professional killer/KGB specialist [Russia])

Xia Shiyu (Previous President/Chief of Future Gathering)

Chian Sia (Region of Japan)

Genuine darlings in a whole-world destroying world:

Gong Jiao (endurance master),

Oa Jiayu (oa oao – > PC Virtuoso),

Gong Xiaorou (Jiao’s sister),

Lin (previous Mystery Storyteller representative);

Han Junhua (027 Psychological oppressor Division Officer and later NAC (New Asian Affiliation) military guide);

Wu Qian (previous individual from the Dental Office of Business)

I have a manor in a dystopian world.

Awesome and worth perusing. This story is just the second from this present reality of battle in the period of chronic drug use. Accelerate the new variant; Just 4 sections seven days isn’t sufficient… also, every part is short
Have you at any point considered what might occur in the event that somebody made a Chinese farce of the Aftermath series?
It’s all together. The creator nearly tore the foundation world out of the Aftermath series and integrated it into his book. A few things have been reworked

Most recent Sections of I Have a House in the Dystopian World

1272. Section 1277 New Body

1271. Section 1276 Corruptor

1270. Section 1275 Underground Experience

1269. Section 1274 Ultrasound Wall

1268. Section 1273 Handover Function

1267. Section 1268

1266. Section 1271 That is Great

1265. Section 1270 Way out

1264. Section 1269 Might I at any point Request that You Dance?

1263. Section 1268 To Annihilate It Would Be


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