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Golden Sparrow Token {Updated} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Have you collected the price details of the Golden Sparrow token? Please read this article carefully for further instructions.
You want to invest in cryptocurrencies, do you know the token trends in India?
The organization has created a range of cryptocurrencies that claim to offer the best returns to token holders on a daily basis. However, not everything is kept at a perfect price, which is hitting investors hard.
Therefore, in order to introduce you to cryptocurrencies, today we are going to reveal some details about the popular token.

Description of the tab

According to the official website, it is and claims to be the most trusted and popular meme coin in the world. Further research also revealed that the token learned many references to meme coins in the cryptocurrency market.
The site also hinted that a meme-loving online community created the piece to promote its concept and base. In addition, the portal claims to be the first transparent token on the cryptocurrency market. If you want to know the original proof, please refer to the following part.

Golden Sparrow Token Holder

In my research, I could not find any details about the founder linked to the official website or online sources. However, if you have details about the owner, feel free to share them in the comments section.
This additional information on cryptocurrencies
• A very clear sign to support community development.
• The case is sealed for 3 years.
• The community suspends the portfolio team for 5 years.
• This cryptocurrency was created to raise awareness in the meme community.
So let’s take a look at the price of this token in the next section. Once we know which one, we can verify the legitimacy of that token.

Tariff Details

When I found a thread, I discovered that the Golden Sparrow token has a GST price of $0.000005464321. In addition, the source claims that the value is up 28.34% in 24 hours.
Let’s move on to the next section and see other discussions about this token.

Material circulars and other instructions

The thread reveals the following evidence for the token and navigates to estimate or predict future value.
• The monetary value of the GST is $21,716,928.
• 1,000,000,000,000 GST is the value of the unpaid bid.
• 1,421 transactions in 24 hours.
• 100 owners of this cryptocurrency were found.
• 18 decimal places.
• The market cap of Golden Sparrow tokens is $123,332,743.
• The installation date is May 23, 2022.
• The token has a 25-hour trading volume of $237,817.54.
Also, the token distribution table on the website looks like this.
• Public Block – 10%
• Initial Combustion – 87.60%
• Marketing and Growth – 1.2%
• Team – 1.2%
Now let’s discuss the token request mechanism in the next section.
Token Purchase Process
While researching the website, I discovered that investors can buy these tokens on PancakeSwap.

frequently asked Questions

Q1 What is the Official Golden Sparrow Token Website?
A1. The token URL is https://www.goldensparrow.info.
Q2: What is a token contract address?
A2.0x0Ea01f670EdeC2c30f8E5f082C30C847359Df95E is the address of this crypto contract.
Q3 How can I claim this cryptocurrency?
A3 According to the website, PancakeSwap is the recommended exchange platform.

The last word

In this article, we have revealed the details of the trend token that will be implemented on May 23, 2022. Read all the details like prices, predictions, charts and other details. I understand that the thread here should be encrypted. Learn about common cryptocurrency fraud prevention chains and how to avoid them.

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