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Erw Token (Jan 2023) Price, Chart, News & How To Buy?

Found an app that rewards users for recycling plastic with Erw tokens? Read the message below.

Interested in a new app that works on a green model and offers Ethereum-based tokens for recycling plastics? Keep reading the post for any more information.

To learn more about Erw token trends in India and how to get them, read the guide below. So let’s start.

What is Xerops?

Before going into the details of the ERW coin, let me first tell you about the Zeloop app. It’s a new application on the market that offers intelligent, interactive and social value-based ideas that serve our environment.

You just have to collect and drop as many plastic bottles as possible to get attractive rewards. The Zeloop application can be downloaded from the Play Store.

About Adult Tab

The Erw coin is the ticker symbol for the Eco Reward Token. As mentioned above, you get reward tokens for collecting and storing plastic waste. It is based on Ethereum (ERC-20) and can be earned as a reward for recycling plastic and directly supporting Mother Earth. If you want to know how to get the REG, keep reading the post.

Who is the founder of Erw Coin?

Eric Schaffner is the founder and CEO of the Zeloop app where you can receive ERW coins as a gift. It is organized by Smartblock Beverages FZ LLC in the United Arab Emirates.

Extended token supply / market supply

I researched and got all the details from internet and sources.

Market valuation: no data
Contract address: 0xd8c55740f4fa5023966dc759f84aec07e06b1d1
Owners: 9,210 addresses
Transmission: 100,344
Maximum supply: 80,000,000,000 REG

How do I get Eco Reward Tokens?

People in India love the concept and think how to earn award stamps. Here’s what you need to do:

Collect as many plastic bottles as possible.
Hand it in at your nearest Zeloop collection point.
Click on a photo to upload it to Zeloop.
And earn exciting Erw tokens in a digital wallet that you can redeem for your favorite goods and services.

frequently asked Questions

Q1 In which countries does Zeloop work?

R1. It works worldwide and is available in iOS and Android app stores.

Q2 How many coins were minted in the Zeloop ecosystem?

A2 A total of 80 billion tokens were issued. Details can be found here.


I think the idea behind Zeloop is very good. This will positively impact Crypto enthusiasts, allowing them to be active in the app, complete daily tasks, invite friends and family to join the store, and earn more Erw Tokens. Zeloop is available in Android and iOS app stores worldwide.

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