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Detroit Found Rappers Dead {February} READ MORE HERE!

For more information on missing rappers, see Detroit Found Rappers Dead.

You may have heard of missing rappers found dead in a basement. Want to know more about the case? People in the US and Canada are looking for information on how to find a rapper in Detroit. Read the full article to learn more about the missing rappers.

After a good search over the past two weeks we have found information on the missing rappers. Let’s dive into the details of the article below.

Which rapper was found dead?

Police found three rat-infested bodies in a Detroit apartment. Police later released their names after their families identified the victims.

Disappearances of Detroit rappers On January 21, 2023, three Detroit rappers disappeared: Montoya Givens (31), Dante Wicker (28) and Aramani Kelly (28). They did not do so on January 21 and have been missing ever since.

Kelly’s mother initially told police her son was missing. Kelly’s phone was found dead on January 22. The news reached the Kelly Family. The Michigan Homicide Squad found a body in the rubble of a home near Detroit’s Highland Park.

After an investigation, the Michigan Police Department released a death report for the missing rapper. An autopsy will be carried out to clarify the cause of death.

News of the dead rappers found in Detroit spread across the internet when Michigan Police Commissioner Michael McGuinness tweeted via Metro Detroit’s Twitter account.

According to Wayne County Corner, it can take up to forty-eight hours to get a sentencing report. The cold weather did not allow to examine the corpse quickly enough. However, some sources say it is a physical weapon.

What happens in the case of Detroit rappers found dead?

Police launched an investigation into the incident after Kelly’s mother reported the rapper missing. The police spread information about the disappeared in the media. Kelly’s mother also participated in the search. On January 23, 2023, Kelly’s mother found her car in Warren, just a few miles from Detroit’s Highland Park.

The police analyze text messages and phone calls. Police discovered that contact was made with a man from Ashton, west of Detroit. He’s suspected of fraud and has a proper search warrant.

The Detroit File noted that rapper Dead Man was arrested on January 30, 2023. The January 21, 2023 concert was canceled due to equipment problems. Texting and Facebook messages after Kelly became unresponsive at 7:30pm

Below is a link to the Michigan Police Department press release.


We describe the two Detroit rappers who were found dead on Thursday. The rapper died at a young age. May their souls have mercy on him. Click here for more info

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