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Cuffe Parade latest News, Videos, Photos of speeding car knocks.

Tap this article for more information on the Cuffe Parade incident and other information the police have shared about the defendant.
Did you know that a husband kills his wife with a knife? Have you heard of this case? Today, murders are common all over the world, including India. Today I will tell you about a murder that will shock you.
If you have not read this article, you can get information about the Cuffe Parade incident according to the investigation on the Internet. People are now investigating the case and want to know what action the police are taking.

About the coffee incident!

A married couple used to live on Cuffe Parade, but their relationship has been rocky for the past year. Because of this, Chitawal moved into her parents’ house. Her parents live in Titwara. But Chitawal can order a serial killer to kill his wife and solve all the problems.
Her wife was murdered and the serial killer stabbed her 30 times. This is the main story of the Cuff Parade incident.

Who are the couples involved in this tragedy?

Mohammad Irfan Chitawal and Shaheen are a couple who have been married for five years. I also have two children 2 and 4 years old. They have been married for over five years and have spent a lot of time together.
They have reportedly started working on different issues over the past year. After that, Chithawal lived alone with her parents. So he makes a plan to solve all the problems with his wife and Chithawal makes a plan to call his wife.

Slamfist Block!

The couple had a bad relationship for the past year. Chitwal then starts living with his parents to escape his daily problems. The incident occurred when Chitawal called his wife Shaheen on Friday and told her that he wanted to settle the matter and start living together.
Chatwal met his wife in the park during the Cuffe Parade at 10:30 am Saturday. After an argument, he suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed her wife several times in her chest and abdomen.
The information was discovered after police officer Ajay Sawant. Shaheen was taken to the hospital but died. This is the story of the Cuff Parade incident.

Why is this topic trending?

At Cuffe Parade, a 30-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her husband in the park. She died before the police took him to the hospital. Now the people want the accused to be punished. Her name is Sitawar.

The last word:

A recent murder occurred in Cuff Park where a husband stabbed his wife multiple times. Now the police caught him and prepared an indictment to get him out of prison.
Share in the comments what punishment Chitawal deserved after the Cuffe Parade incident.

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