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Crazy Miner Token (Feb 2023) How To Buy? Contract Address

Read the article below to get all the information about Crazy Miner Token, including future price predictions!
Do you like cryptocurrencies? Curious about the latest crypto tokens?
Today this blog gives you all the information you need about Crazy Miner. Analyzing crypto tokens from the vast amount of information available on the internet can be difficult. Thus, it provides all the necessary data about this token in one place.
So, if you are from the Philippines or any other country and interested in Crazy Miner Token, read on.

About Crazy Miners

Crazy Miner is a Play and Win (P2E) game on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). This includes generating the most processing power to fight against your opponents in the mining room. And by fighting these enemies using computing power as their main weapon, the user gains PWR.
Increase user effort with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that can be freely traded in the market.
The purchased Crazy Miner Token (PWR) can be freely traded on the decentralized BSC exchange.

Founder of Crazy Miners

The founder of Crazy Miner is unknown. I checked Crazy Miner’s official website and other social media accounts but couldn’t find any useful information.
However, there is a brief note from the Crazy Miner team stating that the platform represents their crazy ideas and fantasies for websites.
As we receive more information about the founders, we will update accordingly.
crazy miner token price today
Crazy Miner was valued at $1.40 today with a 24-hour trading volume of $29,951,139.

Crazy Miners Market Supply

Here are some key stats about Crazy Miner: If you want to learn more about this token, keep reading.
• Contract address: 0xd52efe1039d706722b3d696e74ad4095dc3d3860.
• Market value: #2832
• Market/volume limits: no data
• Maximum power: 125,000,000 PWR
• Total Supply: 125,000,000 REP
• Current offer: no data
• Price change (24 hours): $0.5238
• Minimum 24 Hours / Maximum 24 Hours: $0.8999 / $1.96
• Volume (24 hours): $29,951,138.81
• Crazy Miner token, fully diluted market cap: $175,358,072.42
• 7 Days Minimum / 7 Days Maximum: $0.2629 / $1.96
• All-time high: $1.96 (January 9, 2022)
• All-time low: $0.2629 (January 6, 2022)

Crazy miner price prediction

minimum year
the highest price
2022 $1.95 $2.33
2023 $2.91 $3.45
2025 $5.93 $7.19
2028 $17.99 $21.71
2030 $38.42 $44.91
Please remember that these prices are only predictions and there is no certainty that prices will fluctuate by the same amounts in the future as shown in the table above.

How do I buy Crazy Miner tokens?

• Select DApps below and click Pancake Swap in the Trust Wallet app.
• Add an amount or click Maximum.
• Select 15/20% Slip under Settings.
• Paste the address of this token contract into the token bar of your choice.
• Click on “Import” and select “I understand”. Click Import again.
• Click on “Use” and “Confirm”.
• Accept a successful PWR Buy Smart Contract call.

frequently asked Questions

Q1 What is Crazy Miner’s official website?
R1. Crazy Miner’s official website is https://crazyminer.io/.
Q2 What is the contract address?
A2 The contract address is 0xd52efe1039d706722b3d696e74ad4095dc3d3860.
Q3: Is it included in Coinmarketcap?
A3 Yes! Listing on Coinmarketcap.

The last word

Crazy Miner Token is the new trending token in the cryptocurrency market and people in the Philippines and other countries want it.
Remember not to advertise these tokens. We provide information to help you better understand and analyze this token. Also, find the best cryptocurrencies for investing in 2022.

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