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Bnbpay Price Prediction {Updated} Chart, News & How To Buy?

In this guide, we share real-time market statistics and Bnbpay price predictions to help investors make informed decisions.
A futuristic crypto payment gateway for merchants aims to allow consumers to use crypto on e-commerce portals and local restaurants and cafes for a small fee.
BNBPay is a digital wallet that includes ERC 1363 EIP and allows users to spend Crypto at any e-commerce store that accepts Crypto as a form of payment.
Wallet focuses on providing a private and decentralized instant payment gateway that costs pennies. The wallet allows you to track and pay, wager and earn real BPAY tokens. However, many Australian investors would like to know Bnbpay’s price predictions before using the wallet.

What is BnbPay?

Bnbpay is a private, decentralized and personalized instant payment gateway for commerce. The wallet integrates the ERC 1363 protocol and allows users to pay with crypto tokens or the native BPAY token.
In addition, wallet users can also receive BPAY tokens for any crypto token payment. Experts believe that BNBPAY is the future of business payments. Australian users use it to make or track payments, bet and earn native tokens for all transactions. However, always check Bnbpay’s price predictions before getting yourself a wallet.

Who are the founders?

BNBPAY Wallet core team includes:
• Teason Phang: developer and founder
• James – Marketing Manager
• Francesco – a growing team
• Sara – Head of Marketing
Here are the members behind the BNBPAY wallet concept. However, the founder of the BPAY token is still unknown as there is no information about the coin’s founder on the official website.

BNBPAY Market Statistics

Before moving to the Bnbpay Price Prediction section, please let us know the real-time market statistics of your token.
• The direct price of the token is $0.006267. In the last 24 hours, it is up 18.68%.
• The token recorded a trading volume of $3,573,001 in the last 24 hours. Up 10.63% in the last 24 hours.
• The market cap of the token is $38,021,392. It was ranked 569th based on market cap. The fully diluted coin has a market cap of $62,227,917.29.
• The total circulating token supply is 6,110,021,585 BPAY coins, with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 BPAY coins.

Bnbpay price prediction

The future of BPAY coin is much brighter according to the price predictions. Experts predict that the price of BPAY coins will peak at $0.007 by the end of 2021 and will be around $0.009 in 2022.
In 2025, the coin’s price could surge to $0.027 and peak at $0.028.

How to buy Bnbpay coins

• Install MetaMas Wallet
• Top up your wallet with BNB
• Connect your wallet to PanCakeSwap
• Find BPAY with your contract address
• View Bnbpay price prediction live
Select BPAY and enter the quantity
• Exchange BNB for BPAY currencies

frequently asked Questions

Q1 What is the official BPAY website?
R1. https://www.bnbpay.io/ is the official BPAY URL.
Q2. What is the correct contract address?
A2. The contract address used is 0xebc76079da0c245fae7225b58a57a54809b40618.
Q3 What is the direct price of BPAY?
A3. At the time of writing this report, the live price recorded over the last 24 hours was $0.006267.


BNBPAY Coin is here to revolutionize the way online payments are made in e-commerce stores. It simplifies payments and allows consumers to make and register transactions, wager and earn BPAY coins for every transaction.
According to Bnbpay price predictions, the token has a bright future and the investment could be worthwhile.

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