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Bear Dice App Review {Update} Read Customer Reviews!

Welcome to my dice bear!

I found Bear Dice in the wake of watching a video that recommended you could win $200 with PayPal. They even show the lady overcompensating and asserting that she won genuine cash by tossing the dice!

Here my room is my office, I have evaluated endless games where players never arrive at as far as possible. In spite of the fact that designers rake in tons of cash from promoting, they don’t pay a penny for it!

As the quantity of money games on the Play Store develops, disappointment among players all over the planet develops.

I’m here to open your eyes and make sense of the way this functions so you can settle on an educated choice. Are the bear dice genuine or counterfeit? Do they pay you? Peruse on to find out!

Bear Dice Application Survey

Name: Bear in the can
Designer: Game The Solitary Officer
Necessities: Occupants of the US, California, France, Germany, UK, Australia
Generally speaking rating: 1/5

What are bear dice?

Bear Dice is an easygoing game where you throw dice to move bears around the board. Arriving at specific areas will give you virtual cash, coins, scratch cards, free twists, a mysterious chest, from there, the sky is the limit.

In the Fortunate Twists segment, you get an opportunity to gather unique pieces to win a Samsung Cosmic system S20 and a Sony television.

The designer has advanced Bear Dice as an installment strategy through PayPal. I surmise that makes sense of why this all around exhausting game got 100,000 introduces.

The issue is that when you attempt to open your money equilibrium to pull out your cash, nothing occurs!

How does BearCube function?


Bear Dice is accessible free of charge on Google Play and doesn’t need enlistment or consents.

actual inclination

Bear Dice is just for inhabitants of the accompanying nations: US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia. Also, clients should be of lawful age.

game aide

In the wake of beginning the dice game with the bear, you will see a board with a bear in the beginning position and a dice at the base.

The board is separated into a few regions, a considerable lot of which have images that address exceptional awards.

Are bear dice lawful? It’s worth the effort?

No, I don’t believe it’s worth the effort! For my situation, I didn’t actually be able to open the rundown to see the cases.

Presently, on the off chance that you take a gander at the surveys on Google Play, you’ll find a many individuals who can’t answer since they’re stuck somewhere in the range of $160 and $170.

Sadly, the nearer you get to the payout sum, the less you procure. Eventually, Bear Dice will quit spending virtual dollars on betting, scratch cards, and so on.

Somebody with $167 said that he just made 2 pennies over the most recent fourteen days. You won’t ever get to $200. Another lady said that she played Bear Dice consistently for a month and a half and won just $112.

So don’t play this game since you didn’t pay for it.

Is there an option in contrast to Cubic Bear?

Nothing! No application pays you genuine cash for throwing the dice. On the off chance that you were there you would likely lose 1-2 pennies every day.

The explanation is that game organizations would rather not share quite a bit of their promotion income with gamers.

I’ve checked on many applications that overlook installment demands, including numerous comparable tabletop games like Dice Champ and Throwing Dice. They offer you financial awards until you watch many recordings. Be that as it may, they don’t pay you a penny!


Try not to burn through your time and web information when you play Bear Dice. You will always be unable to trade out since, in such a case that everybody can make $200, the designer will leave business in a matter of seconds.

Your benefit will diminish and it will be extremely difficult to get to $200. So surrendering was impossible.

As I would see it, Bear Dice isn’t even worth playing for entertainment only, as it isn’t fun or testing.

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