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AIRTM Review | Is AIRTM Legit or Scam | Transfer & Send Money

Airtm is a new application which acts like a wallet which can be used to send or receive money anywhere in the country and abroad.

With the Airtm Wallet app, you can deposit funds in dollars as if you were in the United States, use local currency, protect your savings against fluctuating currencies, and top up and withdraw funds using hundreds of payment methods. Withdraw

Most importantly, the AirTM app supports almost all countries such as Japan, South Africa, Ghana, Mexico, USA, Canada, Kenya, Taiwan, and the UK.

AIR™ Review

This airtm review covers various aspects of app.airtm.com.

Note: We are not responsible for verifying all Airtm reviews.


Airtm is an online mobile application used to securely send money locally and internationally to countries around the world at open market rates without any cross-border restrictions.

On Google, and new visitors can be discussed with search engines.
Airtm.com Site Security: Yes, the Airtm.com Site Is Secure

Airtm.com performance and design: great app design Airtm is not web, but Airtm apps do work on the web.
Instagram: air system
air system
You can send and receive money across the country using the Airtm app.

You can add funds to your AIRTM wallet as follows.

the payment

repair, support, maintenance

AirTM You can buy items on the website.

How to earn money from AIRTM app

Thanks to the launch of AirTM, you can earn money from AIRTM applications. Share money with your friends, your family and your friends! We award $1.00 AirUSD, earning $2.00 AirUSD for every guest who completes 3, and adds at least $5.00 AirUSD as a verified user.

In addition, the guests receive a variable percentage on the volume of each transaction made.

AIR™ Application Reference

As mentioned above, AirTM pays $2 for each referral and you need an AirTM referral link to earn that $2.

Open the AirTM app on your smartphone, click Menu, then [Friends], then copy the introductory link.

Who is the owner of AIRMC?

Galindo is the owner & CEO of AirTM.

Parasha Team
Josh Kliot (Creator, Co-Producer)
Register for AIRTM How to create an account with AIRTM
Learn how to register with AirTM by following this guide.

1. Clicking on this link will take you to the airtm.com registration page.

2. If you want to use it for personal use or work, please check it.

But now many people want to create their Airtm Account.

Register for AIRTM How to create an account with AIRTM
3. Next, select your country, enter your email address, password, name, and click [Create Account].

4. After creating an account with AirTM to verify the above, please check your email, download the AirTM App, and enjoy the service more conveniently.

, How to access AIRTM

Use this guide to check out how to use AirTM.

1. Open the Airtm app and smartphone

How to fund your account with AIRTM

Please follow these steps carefully to fund your account with Airtm

1. Open the Airtm smartphone on app and connect.

2. Click Add at the bottom of the airtm app.

3. After clicking Add, select the method you want to use to add funds to your airtm wallet. This can be Paypal, bank account, mobile or uphold.

You’ll also see the dollar deposit rate for your airtm account on your dashboard, so you’ll know how much will be deducted from your account when you deposit into your airtm account.

4. Once you have selected your payment method, please follow the necessary steps below. Your airtm account will be credited successfully.

Send money with the AIRTM app

This quick guide will help you send or receive money with Airtm.

1. Open the Airtm app and smartphone and connect.

2. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the airtm app.

Send money with the AIRTM app

3. Enter the email address or username of the airtm user and click Next.

4. Enter the amount to transfer to the user and click Next to finish.

How to withdraw money from AIRTM

1. Go to the left panel and select a withdrawal option and a payment method.

2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, confirm your payment method details, confirm the details and submit your request.

3. Airtm holds the funds in the Airtm account on behalf of the Affiliate.

4. Once you find a match, use the details you entered during the transaction to send the money to your colleague’s preferred payment method.

5. Once you receive the money, you need to confirm that you want to charge your colleague’s Airtm account.

Create a virtual card for online purchases at Airtm

Follow the steps below to create a virtual airtm card.

Note: Make sure AirUSD is available in your account (if not, please add funds first).

1. Go to ‘Virtual Map’ on the left navigation bar.

2. Click the Get Card button.

3. Enter the name and value of the card

4. Review the information and click Confirm.

5. Click ‘Show Card Number’ to start shopping now.

Is AirTM safe?

Airtm Dollars (AirUSD) are backed 1:1 to US dollars with US bank accounts and various liquid funds. When you deposit and withdraw funds from your Airtm balance, the transaction funds are credited to our escrow account. Only when you and your partner are satisfied will the money be released to the recipient and protected by a trusted brokerage process in case something goes wrong.

Since airtm uses an escrow system, I think it’s safe.

Is AIRTM legal or is it a scam?

In my opinion, airtm is one of the safest and most reliable ways to send and receive money online. So it’s legal and not a scam. The only complaint I have with airtm is the price. Very expensive. Imagine someone in Nigeria funding a huge Airtm account with N570/$.

So Airtm has to slow down. Otherwise, although the Airtm app is still under construction, I don’t think there is anything stopping you from using the Airtm app, so be aware of any bugs you encounter while using the app.


Thank you for reading this article to the end, that’s it for the airtm review. If you have more to add to this review, you can comment below.

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